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Civil Engineering

Architectural Planning and Design - How to Plan and Design


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • This hands-on workshop invites you to rethink what you know and apply what you learn at the workshop. It provides you an opportunity, literally, to test your knowledge and skills and put them into practice.
  • You will explore the demands of hospital environments with the people who use hospitals. Learn what patients consider important for effective functioning of healthcare facilities.
  • A diversified panel of care providers, patient advocates, and administrators will bring unique insights critically important to hospital planners and designers.
  • You will explore tools for structuring effective healthcare environments.
  • The dynamic core of the workshop will be a hands-on planning and design session. Plan to work within a team to develop solutions based on actual project requirements.

Target Audience

This workshop is structured to benefit individuals and organizations that are striving to improve healthcare facility environments. By attending, you will increase your proficiency in dealing with issues critical to achieving successful healthcare facilities, whether you work as:

  • health planner
  • healthcare facility designer
  • hospital administrator
  • an individual in any way involved in hospital planning and design

Civil Engineering Outline
The course covers the following topics:
  • Can Healing Happen Here – Learning from the Patients Experience
  • Providing Optimal Care – Learning from the Healthcare Practitioners Experience
  • Tools for Structuring Effective Hospital Environments – Identifying and Evaluating Evidence-based Information for Your Projects
  • A Dynamic Approach to Problem Solving – Improving Your Decision Making Effectiveness
  • Hands-on Problem-Solving Sessions – Responding to Patient and Care Provider Needs Through Planning and Design
  • Project Presentations, Critique, and Discussion
  • Future Needs and Opportunities-What Planners and Designers Must Do to Stay on Top


Ref Location From To Cost
CVE01.2 Kuwait 9-5-2021 13-5-2021