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Civil Engineering

A. Architectural Planning and Design - Infection Control in Health Facilities


Take home the latest information and effective approaches to help you deal with

Contaminants that endanger patients and healthcare workers

Infection control risk assessment

AIA, CDC, JCAHO guidelines and recommendations

Control of airborne, contact-spread and water contamination

Space and traffic flow planning and design to minimize the spread of contaminants

Control of the spread of contaminants during facility remodeling and renovation

Responsibilities of professionals in infection control

Target Audience
  • Persons responsible for controlling the spread of infectious agents and other contaminants in healthcare facilities
  • Healthcare administrators and others working in healthcare environments
  • Planners, designers, and engineers responsible for planning and designing effectively functioning and safe facilities
  • Consulting engineers with a critical role in ensuring efficiently functioning HVAC and other systems
  • Infection control professionals working to ensure effective, safe healthcare environments
  • Contractors

Civil Engineering Outline
The course covers the following topics:
  • Infectious Agents That May Endanger Hospital Patients and Healthcare Workers: An Overview
  • Pathogen Spread Mechanisms
  • Patients and Healthcare Workers Susceptibility to Contaminants
  • Objectives for Administrators, Facility Planners, and Infection Control Professionals
  • Dealing Effectively with the Spread of Infectious Agents Through Facility Planning and Design
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Related to Current AIA, CDC, and JCAHO Requirements
  • Healthcare Services and Work Flow Patterns
  • Building Systems
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Operational Issues
  • Controlling the Spread of Contaminants During ConstructionRenovation



Ref Location From To Cost
CVE01.3 Cairo 2-2-2020 6-2-2020