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Civil Engineering

Building Construction Courses - Building Information Modelling - BIM: Strategies for Implementation

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • At this workshop, you’ll learn about one of the most effective technologies enabling design and construction professionals to incorporate IPD in their practice: Building Information Modeling (BIM). As a source of digital information accessible to the owner and the design construction team, BIM enables the project team to function in a fully integrated manner.
  • Using BIM technology, issues that are common to traditional project delivery methods can be resolved during the early project design construction stages, eliminating numerous potential functional and construction deficiencies, delays, and increased costs.

Target Audience

This workshop is structured to benefit design-construction professionals and building owners that are striving to improve their project development and operational management through the use of BIM technology. The workshop is intended for those who are seeking ways to increase their proficiency in the use of BIM technology.

Civil Engineering Outline
The course covers the following topics:
  • Understanding Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology and Its Proven Positive Impact on Project Delivery
  • Course Outcomes of Using BIM In Your Firm
  • Incorporating BIM Technology on Public Projects–Owners Perspective
  • Revit–Introduction
  • Challenges to Implementation of BIM-a Commitment You Need to Make
  • Overcoming Legal Challenges in Using BIM
  • Responding to Challenges– BIM Deliverables and Expectations: Design-Bid-Build Approach
  • ArchiCAD–Introduction
  • Responding to Challenges–BIM Deliverables and Expectations: Design-Build Approach
  • Developing an Implementation Strategy in Your Firm–Specifics on What You Should Do to Achieve Your Goals in Using BIM


Ref Location From To Cost
CVE03.6 Kuwait 21-3-2021 25-3-2021