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Civil Engineering

Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers - Reinforced Concrete Design


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve your skills in reinforced concrete design
  • Provide practical approaches that you can apply immediately in your work
  • Increase your knowledge of economics, materials, constructability, and serviceability of reinforced concrete
  • Give you the opportunity to participate in the actual design of a reinforced concrete project

Target Audience

You will find this comprehensive workshop greatly beneficial if you are involved in structural engineering, architectural engineering or related areas. The presentations will address the needs of individuals who are expanding their involvement in reinforced concrete design as well as experienced practitioners seeking an in-depth review and update.
To gain maximum benefit from the instruction, you should have a basic understanding of structural engineering.

Civil Engineering Outline
The course will cover the following topics:
  • Reinforced Concrete Structural Systems: An In-depth Review
  • Serviceability
  • Review of Reinforced Concrete Materials and Their Use
  • Constructability
  • Review of Analysis Methods for Determining Allowable Forces on Reinforced Concrete Members: Bending, Shear, Torsion, Axial Loads
  • Evening Session – Tuesday: Innovative Use of Concrete: Milwaukee Art Museum–Quadrachi Pavilion
  • Regulatory Factors: Status of Codes and Resource Documents
  • Loads on Buildings
  • Problem-Solving Exercises for Reinforced Concrete Structural Members
  • Putting It All Together: Designing an Actual Reinforced Concrete Project – Class Exercise


Ref Location From To Cost
CVE07.2 Kuwait 15-8-2021 19-8-2021