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Civil Engineering

Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers - Structural Bracing for Lateral Loads and Stability


By attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Focus on efficient bracing systems
  • Benefit from research findings
  • Boost your effectiveness in designing or evaluating structures
  • Understand the basic principles underlying lateral loads and stability in structures
  • Learn how to use high-strength materials to design efficient bracing for structures
  • Learn how to incorporate bracing techniques using strength design approaches

Target Audience

This course will benefit practicing architects and engineers who design or evaluate structures. Structural designers, consultants, architectural engineers, plant engineers, bridge engineers, municipal engineers, fabricators, metal building manufacturers and contractors will also benefit by attending. You’ll receive a set of take-home materials to assist in further study and application of the information presented.
Please note: A basic knowledge of structural design will be essential for your understanding of the Course Outline.

Civil Engineering Outline
The course will cover the following topics:
  • Bracing for Lateral Loads
  • Bracing for Structural Stability
  • Steel Deck Diaphragms
  • Bracing for Low-Rise Buildings
  • Masonry and Precast Shear Walls
  • Braced Frames and Frame Combinations
  • Wood Diaphragms and Shear Walls
  • Stability of Members


Ref Location From To Cost
CVE07.4 Kuwait 15-8-2021 19-8-2021