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Sales & Marketing

Defining Corporate Identity and Effective Brand Management


How your brand is perceived within your own country, and internationally, whether it stands out from competitors, is more important than ever. This innovative branding masterclass helps participants plan, implement, launch and manage an effective brand that wins internal and external support.

We look at what brands are, why organisations need one, what value they bring and how to build and manage a brand. Our five days together include lots of real-life examples to inspire participants to create their own brand.

This training course will feature:

  • Defining a strategy for your brand
  • Linking branding to corporate vision, mission, values and culture
  • Expressing brand through its image, personality and characteristics
  • Explaining the brand to stakeholders and wining their support and loyalty
  • Sustaining and evolving the brand over time


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of branding and how to use a brand to support their organisation’s business purpose
  • Use the principles of branding to develop an effective brand for their organisation, or refine the existing brand
  • Develop support for the brand from a wide cross section of stakeholders including executives, employees, customers, influencers and the media
  • Create a range of print, online, multimedia and face2face collateral to explain what the brand stands for and how to use it
  • Use mechanisms to monitor the brand over time, including performance and perceptions, recommending effective ways of refreshing the brand when needed

Target Audience
  • Marketing directors
  • Business owners
  • PR managers, PR Executives & Marketing Executive
  • Branding, product, design & marketing managers
  • Graphic designers in the private sector, public sector and start-up

Sales & Marketing Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Day One: The Importance of Branding

  • What is a brand?
  • What do leaders expect when they invest in branding?
  • Who owns our brand?
  • How do brands add value to an organization?
  • How to link brand to the organisation’s mission, vision, values and purpose?
  • What should a brand include? – differentiation, relevance, trust, emotion

Day Two: Creating an Effective Brand

  • 8 key criteria for a branding strategy
  • 7 essential elements of a brand’s identity
  • Developing brand values and value propositions
  • Using customer insights to build the brand
  • Creating buyer personas that resonate with customers and potential customers
  • Connecting brand to the past, present and future

Day Three: Developing Support for the Brand

  • Finding a brand champion from the leadership team
  • Characteristics of great brand champions
  • Empowering employees as brand ambassadors
  • Using celebrities as brand ambassadors
  • Developing fans and bloggers as online brand ambassadors
  • Proving the brand’s worth to shareholders using the international standard ISO 10668

Day Four: Explaining the Brand

  • Developing the branding guidelines
  • Creating the brand manual
  • Running branding workshops for employees and creative agencies
  • Developing a branding communications plan for internal and external audiences
  • Running a brand launch event
  • Ensuring consistent delivery of multiple launch events

Day Five: Protecting the Brand Over Time

  • Monitoring customers’ experiences and perceptions of the brand
  • Monitoring opinion formers’ and influencers’ views
  • Monitoring what is said in the media
  • Knowing when to refresh the brand
  • Exercise where participants create and present their own brand
  • Action planning to take learning back into the workplace


Ref Location From To Cost
SM03 Kuwait 2-2-2020 6-2-2020