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Sales & Marketing

Achieveing Marketing Excellence in Service Organizations


Traditional sales approaches are becoming less effective, as customers demand more. Out-dated practices such as offering ‘unique selling propositions’ are fast becoming ineffective. Sales teams now require a more integrated and co-ordinated selling strategy that is supported by effective communications, which give customers a ‘unique reason to buy’ from your company.

This training course is for companies that want to avoid selling on price and become the customer’s preferred supplier. On this training course you will learn how to create a selling strategy for a segment, which builds powerful relationships and delivers superior value propositions that customers are happy to pay for.

The approach explained on the course is already being applied successfully by global companies.

This training course will feature:

  • A new philosophy that challenges current sales practices
  • Building irresistible value propositions
  • Ten key principles of strategic selling
  • The insight required to build the strategy
  • How to structure the sales strategy
  • The tools you require to deliver value propositions
  • How to implement the sales strategy


Ref Location From To Cost
SM12 Kuwait 21-6-2020 25-6-2020