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NEBOSH Accredited Programs

Environmental management certificate

Course Description

he NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is a globally relevant qualification. You will be able to help your organisation manage its positive and negative environmental aspects and support the implementation and continuous improvement of effective environmental management systems.


The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is an ideal choice for anyone who has or would like to have environmental management responsibilities at work.

The relevant environmental qualification will help you to:

  • justify environmental management in the workplace
  • recognise which workplace activities may be subject to environmental legislation or enforcement
  • assess environmental aspects and impacts, and evaluate existing controls
  • support environmental emergency planning
  • understand the importance of reducing environmental harm
  • outline the issues associated with waste and its management
  • explain the pros and cons of various energy sources and how to use them more efficiently.

Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should able to:

• Identify the Environmental Management System and its aspect
• Know the sources and use of energy and energy efficiency
• Control of pollution
• Plan for dealing with environmental emergencies

Target Audience

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management is designed for managers, supervisors and employees who have responsibility for managing environmental issues as part of their work focusing on assessing environmental management systems.

Course Outline


Unit EMC1: Management and Control of Environmental Aspects

  • Foundations in Environmental Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Assessing Environmental Aspects and Impacts
  • Planning for and Dealing with Environmental Emergencies
  • Control of Emissions to Air
  • Control of Environmental Noise
  • Control of Contamination of Water Sources
  • Control of Waste and Land Use
  • Sources and Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency

Unit EMC2: Assessing Environmental Aspects and Associated Impacts


  • Unit EMC1 is assessed by a scenario based assessment completed at home. You have 24 hours to complete this.
  • Unit EMC2 is assessed by a three-hour practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace).




The qualification is broken down into two units, which are assessed in the following ways:

Unit EMC1

Environmental management

Examination (to be downloaded, completed, and submitted in 24 hours)

Learners will be required to review a real-life scenario and answer theoretical and practical questions on environmental management.

Unit EMC2

Assessing environmental aspects and associated impacts

Practical Assessment

Learners will be required to assess environmental aspects and impacts in their chosen workplace.


Both assessments will be marked by NEBOSH.


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