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Purchasing & Logistics

Best Practices in Managing Construction Projects


Construction project executives continue to face mounting challenges in their delivery of projects. The rapid impact of globalization has placed even stricter demands on project delivery time, cost and quality. It seems the mantra of the day is do it faster, cheaper, and at a high quality, and of course, within an overall expectation of client satisfaction.

Knowledgeable project executives recognize that a major ingredient for project success is the accurate development of project costs based on a well-defined scope. It is therefore essential to have a working understanding of engineering economics and cash flow analysis to evaluate and select between project alternatives. This should be followed by an in-depth holistic treatment of the processes needed to develop accurate cost estimates.

A solid estimate goes hand in hand with a schedule that incorporates efficient monitoring and is sensitive to changes and limitations of resources and other work items. It is important to treat estimating, scheduling and cost control as an integrated process rather than a disjointed set of activities as is unfortunately practiced too often in some major corporations.


By the end of this course participants will learn:

  • Main concepts of engineering economic evaluation
  • Main causes for construction claims
  • Evaluation of Cash Flow impacts
  • Development estimates at various levels of details
  • Parametric estimate development
  • Development of Schedules
  • Work Breakdown and Organization Breakdown Structures
  • Project Control and Earned Value Approach
  • Scheduling under Limited Resources
  • Time versus Cost tradeoff for Projects
  • Managerial strategies for project acceleration and compression

Target Audience

This course is Participants project executives, contractors, and engineers who are responsible for the timely delivery of projects under strict budgetary constraints. Owners can benefit greatly from understanding the dynamics involved in delivering projects

Purchasing & Logistics Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Project Financial Analysis and Construction Claims

  • Project Delivery Systems
  • Review of Project Economic Evaluation
  • Claims Avoidance and Management
  • Risk Management

Advanced Project Estimating

  • Estimate Types
  • Principles of Conceptual Estimating
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Project Estimating and Bid Unbalancing
  • Resource Estimating
  • Estimating using Crews
  • Contingency and Escalation
  • Parametric Estimating

Project Scheduling Techniques

  • Introduction to Planning
  • Task Characteristics and Duration Assessment
  • Planning and Scheduling Methods
  • Linear Scheduling Methods
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Constraint Types
  • Milestones

Advanced Project Scheduling

  • LeadLag Scheduling
  • PERT Methods
  • Reporting Issues
  • Resource Allocation Methods
  • Time-Cost Tradeoff
  • Managerial strategies for project acceleration and compression

Project Monitoring and Cost Control

  • Schedule Updating
  • Cost Control and Earned Value
  • Integration of Cost and Schedule Control
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Development of Cost Codes


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