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Production Operations

Production Technology for other Disciplines


This course stresses the production technology required to effectively develop and operate an asset, and the role of production engineering in a multi-discipline development project. Practical application of production practices is emphasized. Both theory and actual field examples are presented along with class problems, exercises, and related streaming videos. Well completion equipment and tools are viewed and discussed. Participants will work several exercises such as a basic continuous gas lift, ESP and stimulation designs. Nodal analysis problems are set up and solved on the computer and horizontal and multilateral technology is presented.


By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Apply production engineering principles and practices and make basic calculations
  • Identify and incorporate the role of production engineering and operations in oil and gas exploitation planning and development
  • Maximize team interaction and understand the dynamics required between production engineering and other disciplines

Target Audience

Exploration and production technical professionals, team leaders, managers, and support staff who require a more extensive knowledge of production engineering and operations than that acquired in their own disciplines

Production Operations Outline

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Role and tasks of production technology
  • Completion design Inflow and outflow performance
  • Sand control
  • Artificial lift systems (gas-lift, esp, beam-pump, pcp)
  • Perforating
  • Fracturing
  • Formation damage and well stimulation
  • Field surveillance and data
  • Production system optimization


Ref Location From To Cost
PO02 New york 14-1-2024 18-1-2024 6500 USD