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Management & Leadership

Communication, Coordination and Leadership: Enhancing Leadership and Supervisory Skills


Everyone today is involved in the negotiation. But often it seems that the conflict means that one party has to lose and the relationship suffers. This seminar develops your skills so that you reach win: win agreements and enhance your relationship with the other party. This seminar will provide you with the tools for strategically planning to manage conflict situations and developing the skills to negotiate win: win solutions.


By the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand the importance of negotiating in today’s business climate
  • Identify the sources of conflict in the professional environment
  • Explore how to handle conflict situations
  • Gain self-awareness of own style in approaching conflict
  • Practice and develop key skills in handling conflict
  • Learn how to achieve a win: win results
  • Recognize their current negotiating skills
  • Expand their range of negotiating skills
  • Be able to use a three-step planning guide to analyze and prepare for a negotiation
  • Choose an appropriate negotiating approach based on the desired result
  • Recognize negotiation tactics, how to use them and how to respond to them

Target Audience

This seminar is for professionals from any industry who may find it hard to take a bigger picture view of business issues - both within and outside of the strategic planning process. Typically you will have some experience of planning but present and future job challenges imply that you need to step up to a new level of competence in this area, or simply in strategic thinking generally

All Professionals and Team Members who rely on others to achieve results, especially if they need to get things from people over whom they have little or no authority.

Management & Leadership Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations

  • Identifying difficult situations where negotiation is a preferred strategy
  • The sources of conflict in organizations
  • How and why does conflict escalate?
  • Personal style and preference in approaching conflict
  • Handling conflict effectively

Influencing and Negotiating

  • Assessing personal strengths in influencing and negotiation skills
  • The four styles of effective communication
  • Developing style flexibility
  • The core skills of questioning and listening
  • Exploring the use of different styles in different situations

Planning and Preparing for an Effective Negotiation

  • The four possible outcomes and results of a negotiation
  • The OPEC model for managing the process of a negotiation
  • Personal strengths in managing process and communication style
  • Using a three-step planning guide
  • Negotiating from value not cost
  • Wants and needs - the importance of identifying the need

Negotiating for Win: Win

  • Strategic and tactical negotiation approaches
  • Identifying power balance and building up your power base
  • Deciding your opening position
  • Exploring options for successful exchanges
  • Using negotiating tactics effectively
  • Putting together a deal

Negotiating in Difficult Situations

  • International and cross-cultural negotiations
  • Negotiating by telephone
  • Working in negotiation teams
  • Building resistance and dealing with tactics and tricks
  • Applying learning to a range of organization situations


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