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Management & Leadership

Motivating, Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring: Practical Tools for Effective Leadership


Approximately 90percent of our daily work in the business environment is communicating and dealing with people. Powerful techniques and skills are essential for you to persuade and influence the individuals and groups around you. With confidence, ability and the skills to influence your clients, colleagues, and bosses you will achieve your own and your organization’s goals and successes. Developing such skills will get you noticed and ensure you are more influential and ultimately successful in your career.

This highly interactive seminar will allow you to examine yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. You will develop your communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to influence, generate results and enhance your leadership skills.


By the end of this course participants will learn:

  • Raising your awareness of what drives you
  • Understanding others and how you can persuade, influence and have an impact
  • Gaining confidence to manage individuals, groups, and presentations
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Enhancing your leadership through emotional intelligence
  • Delivering presentations with confidence for successful influence and impact
  • Returning to work with action plans to make things happen

Target Audience

Those wanting to improve their ability to influence, persuade, inspire and communicate with others effectively. Those who recognize that improving their influence and impact is about understanding how they present themselves to others and what others want from them.

Management & Leadership Outline

The course covers the following topics:

The Key Elements of Influence and Impact

  • Why everyone has the ability to have influence and impact
  • Making sure you get noticed
  • Insights into the influence of personality styles
  • Using personality style as an influence tool
  • Learn to adapt your style to the needs of others
  • Determine what you want in your life and career

Enhancing Your EQ for Best Practice Persuasion and Influencing Techniques

  • Emotional intelligence for dealing with difficult situations
  • Defusing conflict by using your emotional intelligence
  • Resolving disagreements
  • Guidelines for successful negotiation
  • Learning to use time as any other resource
  • Why goals are a passport to influence and impact the success

Improving Your Communication Skills for Inspirational Leadership

  • Process and benefits
  • Sharpening up your listening skills
  • The positive influence of listening
  • Sending convincing messages
  • Inspiring and guiding individuals and teams
  • Creating synergy in teams

Delivering Presentations with Confidence and Impact

  • Positive thinking, language, and body language
  • The basic rules of influential presentations
  • Why the words you use are not that important
  • How perceptions can influence
  • Learning from Disappointments
  • Turning setbacks into successes

Developing Your Leadership Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leadership
  • Stages of influence and their impacts
  • Expanding your sphere of influence
  • Improving your personal credibility
  • Networking and influencing the right people
  • Personal Development Plans


Ref Location From To Cost
ML19 Cairo 21-6-2024 25-6-2024