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Production Operations

The Comprehensive course on Production Operations: Module 1


By the end of the course, participants will learn:

  • Wellhead equipment & flow control devices
  • Wellhead heaters
  • Safety valves: types and operation
  • Effect of drawdown on water and oil ratio
  • Flowing well performance
  • Well stimulation
  • Well acidizing treatment

Target Audience
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Field Operators
  • Chemical engineers
  • Production facilities supervisors

Production Operations Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Completing a well and bringing it into production

  • Well activation
  • Swabbing
  • Substitution of lighter fluids for heavier fluids
  • Inflow stimulation by compressed gas or air
  • Completion of water injection wells.

Wellhead equipment and flow control devices

  • Casing hangers
  • Heads
  • Tubing hangers
  • Wellhead heaters

Subsurface production equipment

  • Tubing and production packers
  • Bridge plugs and tubing anchors
  • Standing valves (screen and slotted liners)
  • Bottom hole chokes
  • Safety valves: types and operation.

Performance of productive formations

  • The radial flow of fluids
  • Drawdown and productivity index
  • Specific productivity index
  • Inflow performance relationship (IPR)
  • The importance of IPR
  • The shape of IPR and effect of drawdown on the gas-oil ratio (GOR)
  • Single zone of constant permeability and stratified formations
  • Productivity index history and GOR history
  • Effect of drawdown on water/oil ratio
  • Water cut history

Flowing well performance

  • Determination of inflow performance
  • Vertical lift performance- flow regimes in vertical two-phase flow
  • Pressure distribution curves,
  • Stable and unstable flowing conditions, bean performance,
  • Effect of bean changes
  • Production optimization by NODAL analysis

Well stimulation

  • Well acidizing treatment
  • Hydraulic formation fracturing
  • Thermal stimulation
  • Surfactant treatment
  • High energy gas stimulation (HEGS)
  • Propellant stimulation

Artificial lift system

  • Concept of artificial lift
  • Various modes of lift
  • Multiphase flow and IPR generation
  • Sucker Rod Pumps
  • Gas lift- complications of the gas lift well operation and complication control
  • Increasing gas lift efficiency
  • Optimization of gas lifts performances
  • Jet pumps, troubleshooting
  • Analysis of pumping unit operation from dynamometer cards

Work over and well-servicing operation

  • Through tubing work over
  • Coil tubing operation
  • Downhole tools
  • Bottom hole recording
  • Wireline operation
  • Fishing operation
  • Cost consciousness, preventing, formation, damage, and conclusive testing
  • Emerging technology induction


Ref Location From To Cost
PO24 London 30-6-2024 4-7-2024 6500 USD