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Human Resources & Training

Personnel Practices


The process of recruitment and selection can be very expensive and time-consuming: However, the cost of an inappropriate appointment may be even more expensive to the organization.

By employing the latest behavioral techniques it has been demonstrated that you increase the likelihood of successfully recruiting the best candidate for the intended role. The use of the techniques will most certainly transform your competence as an interviewer in recruitment, selection, or development and appraisal situations.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Master the process of behavioral interviewing and put it into practice
  • Consider a variety of techniques to establish the competency of a candidate
  • Explore the appropriate use of various psychometric tests including general ability and attributes tests
  • Understand the potential pitfalls stemming from the inappropriate use of psychometric testing in the selection process
  • Examine various Emotional Intelligence (EI) techniques to test the potential of the candidate(s)
  • Construct a -blueprint- to be used when designing a recruitment or selection process
  • Practice the techniques to achieve competence in a friendly and supportive environment

Target Audience
  • All personnel, at any level in the organization who are required to interview for selection or recruitment purposes both within and outside the company
  • All HR professionals or managers of teams involved in both staff development and appraisals

Human Resources & Training Outline

The course covers the following topics:

The start of the process preparation for conducting the Behavioral Interview

  • About the Courses, Course Outcomes including an overview
  • The key elements, competencies and person specification
  • The five types of interview styles, strengths, and weaknesses
  • The principles of the Behavioral interview

The Behavioral Interview in action

  • Target data rules of evidence
  • The rules of coding and syndicate exercise
  • The Behavioral interview process, practice session 1 (everyone will have the opportunity to conduct an interview)
  • The behavioral interview practice session 2

The Behavioral process in action

  • Examining the results including standardization and drawing conclusions - syndicate exercise
  • Review various psychometric tests available in the selection and recruitment process including EI techniques
  • Psychometric testing, when to use and why including a case study
  • The administration and guidelines for the use of psychometric testing

Design of the Recruitment and Selection assessment process

  • Application of psychometric tests including the use of a type indicator (MBTI) and putting feedback into context
  • Best fit analysis and demonstration
  • The four scales, what do they mean for me? - syndicate exercises
  • The use of behavioral information as a development tool

Pulling the whole Selection and Recruitment process together

  • The latest techniques in advertising for vacancies - syndicate exercise
  • How to shortlist avoiding bias and lots of hard work
  • Deciding on the tools and techniques to use in the assessment and why
  • The resources required in order to run a successful recruitment or selection process


Ref Location From To Cost
HRT05 Cairo 12-4-2024 16-4-2024