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Electrical Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering Practices for Facilities Personnel


Instrumentation Engineering Practices for Facilities Personnel uses a problem throughout the session to illustrate the process of Instrumentation on a vessel and developing the documentation required for incorporation in a BPCS (basic production control system). The problem does not require formal instrument engineering training but field experience is very helpful. Through the use of individual and team problem solving you will learn about instrumentation on a vessel, developing required documentation, reviewing end devices, control valves, process control basics and discussing the various interfaces between facilities engineers, contractors, and maintenance personnel. Participants will gain a better understanding of the Instrumentation process and what is important to those disciplines.


By the end of this course, participants will learn

  • Instrumentation project management
  • Instrumentation project documentation
  • Loop diagrams, electrical and pneumatic
  • Review end devices such as pressure, temperature, level, IP converters
  • Valve types, shutdown, control, relief
  • Process control basics
  • P and D diagrams and interpretation

Target Audience

Oil and Gas facilities engineers with two to five years of field experience and Electrical, or Instrumentation and Controls engineers with one to three years of field experience who want to further improve their practical understanding of Instrumentation systems within oil and gas facilities.

Electrical Engineering Outline
The course covers the following topics:
  • Instrumentation weekly project that instruments a vessel
  • Develop associated documentation to hook the instruments to a BPCS
  • Loop diagram development
  • Review of field devices in the form of pressure, temperature, level transmitters or switches
  • Process control basics and their associated control elements
  • Review of PLC, SCADA systems
  • Review hazardous areas classification for electronic instruments
  • Discussion of bid documentation and construction management


Ref Location From To Cost
IP07 Kuwait 27-12-2020 31-12-2020
EE17 Cairo 6-12-2024 10-12-2024