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Drilling & Well Construction

Drilling Practices


The two-week course is Participants engineers and field personnel involved in planning and implementation of drilling programs. The seminar covers all aspects of drilling technology, emphasizing both theory and practical application. Drilling is a complex operation requiring the marriage of different technologies and disciplines. Today’s drilling personnel must have a working knowledge of all these disciplines in order to effectively drill a well. The course provides all the fundamentals necessary to drill a well whether it is a shallow well or a complex, high pressure well. Computer programs are used to design many aspects of the modern well and the course will provide the participants with the theory behind most programs along with practical implementation.


By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Review drilling data and plan the well from spud to running production casing
  • Incorporate the completion plans into the drilling plan
  • Drill a well cost-effectively and maximize penetration rate
  • Evaluate stuck pipe problem and avoid potential problems
  • Evaluate and maintain drilling fluids
  • Optimize hole cleaning
  • Design casing, drill string, and BOP/wellheads
  • Evaluate and implement cementing programs
  • Design and implement bit and hydraulics programs
  • Incorporate directional drilling and deviation control
  • Recognize and evaluate well control problems

Target Audience
  • Drilling supervisors
  • Drilling engineers
  • Tool pushers
  • Managers and technical support personnel

Drilling & Well Construction Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Planning including requirements for the completion and testing
  • HSE at the rig site
  • Cost control, evaluating alternative drilling methods and maximizing penetration rate
  • Hole cleaning, sloughing shale, lost circulation, stuck pipe and fishing operations
  • Drilling fluids
  • Lifting capacity of drilling fluids, pressure losses in the circulating system
  • Maximizing hydraulics in the planning phase and at the rig
  • Bit selection and application
  • Casing and drill string design, selection of casing seats, BOP equipment
  • Cement, cement additives and displacement mechanics
  • Deviation control, directional drilling, and horizontal drilling
  • Pressure control, routine and special problems
  • Project post analysis


Ref Location From To Cost
DW04 Kuwait 11-4-2021 15-4-2021