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Mechanical Engineering

Process Vessels, Mechanical Design and Specification


This course reviews the design of mechanical components for process vessels in oil and gas facilities. The emphasis is on codes and standards sizing calculations and materials selection vessel specification the sizing, design, and support of nozzles and internals fabrication, including welding and inspection, and operations. Design problems are an integral part of this course.



By the end of this course participants will know

  • How to apply pressure vessel codes and standards for mechanical components of process vessels
  • About sizing, selecting materials, and specifying process vessels based on requirements from process design data
  • About supporting internal appurtenances as part of the design and specification procedure
  • About integrating mechanical considerations in overall system design and operation
  • About integrating the key elements of fabrication, welding and inspection of process vessels

Target Audience

Mechanical engineers and design engineers who are involved in the design of pressure vessels and appurtenances utilized in oil and gas facilities

Mechanical Engineering Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Pressure vessel codes and standards
  • Types of vessels and design
    • Separators
    • Towers
    • Slug catchers
    • Heat exchangers
  • Vessel and key components design
  • Nozzle supports and internals design
  • Corrosion considerations
  • Materials selection and specification
  • Fabrication
  • Welding and NDT inspection
  • Transportation and erection
  • Interface to piping systems
  •  Operations and maintenance considerations


Ref Location From To Cost
ME06 Kuwait 24-5-2020 28-5-2020