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Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission

Power Generation: Industrial Gas Turbine Generator


This program provides a thorough understanding of steam power plants, gas turbines, co-generation, combined-cycle plants, wind and solar power generating plants.  Each of the components such as compressors, gas and steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators, deaerators, condensers, lubricating systems, instrumentation, control systems, transformers, and generators are covered in detail.  The design, selection considerations, operation, maintenance, pay-back period, and economics of co-generation plants and combined cycles, as well as emission limits, reliability, monitoring,g and governing systems, will also be covered thoroughly.  All the significant improvements that were made to co-generation, combined-cycle plants, wind and solar power generating plants during the last two decades will also be explained.

This program provides an in-depth understanding of all the equipment and systems used in steam power plants, gas turbines, co-generation, combined-cycle plants, wind farms, and solar power generating plants.  Computer simulation, design, selection considerations, operation, testing, maintenance and economics of all these power generating plants as well as emission limits, monitoring, and governing systems will also be covered thoroughly.

This program examines the advantages and disadvantages of each type of power generating plants.  The reliability, life cycle cost, profitability, refurbishment, and life extension methods of each type of power generating plants are also covered in detail.  


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of computer simulation of gas turbines, co-generation, and combined cycle plants
  • Learn about all components and subsystems of the various types of gas turbines, steam power plants, co-generation, and combined cycle plants
  • Examine the advantages, applications, performance and economics of co-generation, combined-cycle plants, wind turbines and generators, wind turbine farms, and solar power generation
  • Learn about various equipment including compressors, turbines, governing systems, combustors, deaerators, feedwater heaters, transformers, generators and auxiliaries, wind turbines and generators, wind turbine farms, and solar power generating plants
  • Discover the maintenance required for gas turbines, steam power plants, combined cycles, generators, wind turbines and generators, and wind turbine farms to minimize their operating cost and maximize their efficiency, reliability, and longevity
  • Learn about the monitoring and control of environmental emissions
  • Discover the latest instrumentation and control systems of gas turbines and combined cycles
  • Increase their knowledge of predictive and preventive maintenance, reliability and testing
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the selection considerations and applications of co-generation, combined-cycle plants, wind turbines, and generators, wind turbine farms, and solar power generation

Target Audience
  • Power Generation Engineers
  • Power Generation Technicians
  • Power Generation Operators
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Other technical individuals

Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Gas Turbines

  • Gas Turbine Fundamentals
  • Modes of operation
  • Typical process systems that form part of the plant
  • Key transducers to monitor the operation
  • Events/alarms, etc.
  • Overview of Gas Turbines
  • Gas Turbine Design
  • Gas Turbine Calculations
  • Gas Turbine Compressors
  • Gas Turbine Maintenance
  • Overview of the equipment
  • Dynamic Compressors Technology
  • Compressors Auxiliaries, Off-Design Performance, Stall, and Surge
  • Centrifugal Compressors - Components, Performance Characteristics, Balancing,  Surge Prevention Systems, and Testing
  • Dynamic Compressors Performance
  • Compressor Seal Systems
  • Dry Seals, Advanced Sealing Mechanisms, and Magnetic Bearings

Gas Turbine Components and Auxiliaries        

  • Gas Turbine Combustors
  • Axial-Flow Turbines
  • Gas Turbine Materials
  • Gas Turbine Lubrication and Fuel Systems
  • Gas Turbine Bearing and Seals
  • Gas Turbine Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics
  • Gas Turbine Operating and Maintenance Considerations
  • Gas Turbine Emission Guidelines and Control Systems

 Steam Power Plants

  • Review of Thermodynamics Principles
  • Steam Power Plants
  • Steam Generators
  • Steam Turbines
  • Re-heaters
  • Condensers
  • Feed-water Heaters
  • Efficiency and Heat Rate
  • Supercritical Plants
  • Co-generation Plants
  • Arrangement of Co-generation plants
  • Economics of Co-generation Plants

Steam Generators and Steam Turbines         

  • The Fire-Tube Boiler
  • The Water-Tube Boiler
  • The Steam Drum
  • Superheaters and Re-heaters
  • Once-Through Boilers
  • Economizers
  • Fans
  • The Stack
  • Steam Generator Control
  • Feed-water and Drum-Level Control
  • Steam-Pressure Control
  • Steam-Temperature Control
  • Mechanisms of Energy Conversion in a Steam Turbine
  • Turbine components
  • Rotating and Stationary blades
  • Thrust bearings
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Turbine controls
  • Testing of Turbine blades
  • Quality Assurance of Turbine Generator Components
  • Assembly and testing of turbine components

Steam Turbines and Auxiliaries

  • Turbine Types
  • Compound Turbines
  • Turbine Control Systems
  • Steam Turbine Maintenance
  • Steam Generators, Heat Exchangers, and Condensers
  • Power Station Performance Monitoring
  • The Turbine Governing Systems
  • Steam Chests and Valves
  • Turbine Protective Devices
  • Turbine Instrumentation
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Gland Sealing System
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Turbine-Generator Balancing, Vibration   Analysis, and Maintenance
  • Features Enhancing The Reliability and Maintainability of Steam Turbines

Combined Cycles

  • Combined Cycles
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles
  • Single-Shaft Combined Cycle Power Generating Plants
  • Steam Turbine Selection for Combined Cycle Power Systems
  • Absorption Chillers
  • Selection of The Best Power Enhancement Option for Combined Cycle Plants
  • Economic and Technical Considerations for Combined Cycle Performance  Enhancement Options


  • Fundamentals of Electric Systems
  • Introduction to Machinery Principles
  • Transformers
  • Transformers Components and Maintenance


  • AC Machine Fundamentals
  • Synchronous Generators
  • Generator Components, Auxiliaries, and Excitation
  • Generator Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance
  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Factors Affecting Lubrication
  • Lubricating Oil Characteristics

Steam Turbine Maintenance

  •  Lifecycle operating cost of a steam turbine<
  • Steam turbine reliability
  • Baroscopic inspection
  • The major cause of steam turbine repair and maintenance
  • Advanced design features for steam turbines

Power Station Performance Monitoring

  •  Turbine efficiency tests
  • Turbine pressure survey
  • Main shaft gland-leakage rate


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PGDT01 Cairo 8-11-2024 12-11-2024