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Pipeline & Transportation

Cathodic Protection of Underground Pipelines


Maintaining the aging infrastructure such as underground pipelines is a challenge to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Understanding why and how cathodic protection works or fails can help the operator formulate appropriate strategy in managing the pipeline corrosion problems.

This corrosion course will also provide participants with an understanding of why and how corrosion occurs, the metallurgical and environmental factors influencing pipelines corrosion underground, and practical methods of corrosion control and failure prevention to manage the pipelines corrosion problems.

The course is particularly directed at inspection and maintenance engineers who are concerned with corrosion of the underground pipelines.

This course covers both the fundamentals and practices in designing, operating and maintaining cathodic protection of underground pipelines. An overview of the NACE standard on “Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology” will also be presented.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Know the definition of corrosion and its principles
  • Know about the eight forms of corrosion and the best ways to prevent it
  • Learn how cathodic protection works
  • Understand the effectiveness of pipeline coatings
  • Know the different type of pipeline coatings
  • Carry out coating failures analysis
  • Identify and understand the sacrificial anode cathodic protection
  • Identify and understand the impressed current cathodic protection
  • Know well the Criteria for cathodic protection
  • Gain deep knowledge on the instrumentation used for cathodic protection of underground pipelines
  • Understand the importance of regular inspection and maintenance
  • Conduct pipeline inspection using survey methods and evaluation techniques
  • Learn the NACE Standard on pipeline external corrosion direct assessment methodology

Target Audience

This course has been structured in such a way that it is particularly suited for pipeline owners and operators, inspection and maintenance engineers who are concerned with corrosion of the underground pipelines.

Pipeline & Transportation Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Primer on Chemistry and Metallurgy

Fundamentals of corrosion

  • Why do metals corrode
  • How do metals corrode
  • General methods of corrosion control and prevention

Cathodic Protection

  • Introduction
  • How it works
  • Why it works
  • How effective it is

Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection

  • Anode materials
  • Anode design

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

  • Consumable ICCP Anodes
  • Permanent ICCP Anodes
  • Power Sources
  • Cables and Connections

Criteria for Cathodic Protection

Instrumentation for Cathodic Protection of Underground Pipelines

  • Reference potential devices
  • Potential measuring instrument
  • Soil resistivity test instruments
  • Wall thickness and pit gages
  • Current interrupters
  • Test rectifiers
  • Holiday detectors

Cathodic Protection of Underground Pipelines

  • Electrical resistivity
  • The resistance of the ground connection
  • Non-uniform electrolyte
  • Grounded Design
  • Long pipelines and pipe insulating joints

Stray Current Corrosion and Methods of Prevention

  • Stray current corrosion and electrolysis
  • Practical stray current problems
  • Interference from other CP installations

Pipeline Coatings and the Effectiveness of Coatings

  • Specification
  • Inspection
  • Type of pipeline coatings
  • Coating failures and analysis

Cathodic Protection and Coatings

Pipeline Inspection: Survey Methods and Evaluation Techniques

  • Survey methods for the pipeline not under cathodic protection
  • Survey methods for the pipeline under cathodic protection
  • Overview of NACE Standard on Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology


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PT04 Kuwait 2-8-2020 6-8-2020