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Management & Leadership

Leading High Performing Teams


This seminar equips leaders with the practical tools and techniques to develop high performing teams that maximize performance and deliver results. This is a highly practical seminar using case studies and best practices


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Identify and maximize talent within the team.
  • Understand the actions and behaviors of effective team leaders.
  • Use a combination of approaches to engage, empower and motivate the team to maximize and sustain performance.

Target Audience

Professionals, leaders and team leaders who are focused on raising their own performance and want to transform their team into a high-powered, motivated unit which consistently arrives at successful outcomes

Management & Leadership Outline

The course covers the following topics:

The Characteristics of High Performing Teams

  • What is a team? Identifying the types of teams
  • The characteristics of high performing teams
  • The impact of effective teams on business results

Your Role as a Leader of the High Performing Team

  • The skills, qualities, and behaviors of an effective team leader
  • Identifying your personal leadership and influencing style
  • Understanding the impact your style has on others
  • Flexing your style to meet the needs of all individuals within the team

Team Development

  • Identifying the stages of team development and the practical actions an effective leader should take
  • Auditing your own team - which stage of team development is it at?
  • The practical actions required of the team leader to move the team forward to the appropriate stage at the appropriate time

Team Roles

  • Identifying the strengths of each team member and the roles they play
  • Delegating activities to appeal to personal strengths and to improve areas for development
  • Managing team dynamics to improve team performance

Setting the Direction of the Team

  • Developing the common vision and building commitment to it
  • Aligning team and personal Course Outcomes to that of the organization

Communicating Effectively With Your Team

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of team meetings, briefings, and team process reviews
  • Delivering difficult messages to the team
  • Using the skills of appropriate inquiry

Developing and Motivating the Team

  • Practical tips to motivate the team
  • Using effective delegation to motivate, develop and empower the team
  • Providing recognition and celebration for successes

Dealing with Conflict and Poor Performance

  • Identifying and developing your conflict management style
  • Dealing with difficult people in a positive and professional manner
  • Giving feedback to poor performers to improve results


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