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Drilling & Well Construction

Managed Pressure Drilling, Well Design and Application


This course advocates an engineered approach to planning and executing MPD projects. Geological fundamentals are reviewed to rationalize the drivers for MPD application. Well design, planning, and training are emphasized as critical factors to successful implementation. Participants are exposed to a variety of emerging application methods and equipment. Advanced hydraulic software models


By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Evaluate uncertain geological data to determine open hole operating pressure profile limits
  • Develop fluid and hydraulics programs using advanced calculation models
  • Select best MPD application from a variety of application choices;
  • Specify specialized equipment for the appropriate MPD method;
  • Maintain bottom hole pressure (BHP) within close tolerances using MPD control techniques
  • Overcome pressure transients and problems to safely manage MPD operations

Target Audience

The course requires an understanding of conventional well design processes and well control principles

  • Drilling engineers
  • Well superintendents
  • Rig managers
  • Service company personnel considering the application of managed pressure techniques to drill troublesome formations

Drilling & Well Construction Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Geological factors
  • Rock properties
  • Sources of abnormal pressure
  • Sources of subnormal pressure
  • Pressure estimation methods
  • Drilling indicators
  • Drilling problem symptoms and impacts
  • Review of conventional well control techniques
  • Basis of MPD design, MASP calculations
  • Drill string design
  • Fluids and hydraulics
  • Steady state parameters
  • Transient considerations
  • Surface equipment design
  • Injection pumps
  • Return pressure control
  • Return flow processing
  • Advanced circulating methods and tools
  • Safety and site management
  • Application problems
  • Simulation problems




Ref Location From To Cost
DW13 Kuwait 25-10-2020 29-10-2020