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Drilling & Well Construction

Primary Cementing


Cementing is a key factor in the well construction plan. The base cement used in the designing of cement slurries may or may not be an API class cement. The operating company and the service company personnel should have a good working knowledge of cement slurry design, cement additives, and placement procedures. The majority of the operating companies do not have cement testing laboratories; therefore the laboratory testing is conducted by the service companies. This course is designed to give good understanding of how the cement slurries are tested and under what conditions depending on given well parameters. This course will also cover casing hardware (both internal and external), cement blending, cement additive blending (dry and/or liquid), on-site mixing equipment and job execution on location.


By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Design cement slurries using API and/or field adapted procedures and laboratory testing procedures
  • The use of cement additives in designing cement slurries to improve job success and/or reduce overall job costs
  • Design cement jobs to include casing, multi-stage, liner, and tie-back strings
  • Design and perform remedial (squeeze) cement jobs to include the selection of tool
  • Design cement plug slurries and selection of tools to improve overall job success

Target Audience

Operating and service company personnel responsible for planning, designing, laboratory testing, overseeing, and executing cementing operations

Drilling & Well Construction Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Basic cement
  • Cement additives
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Casing Hardware
  • Blending equipment
  • Mixing equipment
  • Primary cementing
  • Remedial cementing
  • Plug cementing


Ref Location From To Cost
DW06 Kuwait 21-3-2021 25-3-2021