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Production Operations

Introduction to offshore oil and gas systems


This five-day course will accelerate the learning and productivity of business professionals, other non-technical staff, and general business managers involved in the offshore oil and gas industry. Past attendees have included legal staff, public and government relations professionals, human resource staff, HSES professionals, Field and Operations Technicians, Construction and Operations Foremen and staff, Financial Analysts, Supply Chain professionals and Administrative staff. The course instructors are experienced offshore managers.


By the end of this course participants will learn

  • To appreciate the rich and fascinating history of the Offshore Oil and Gas business from its first advances in 1897 to the present time
  • To understand how oil and gas is formed and how the explorationists determine the likelihood of hydrocarbons in a “play
  • To identify the key steps in the the development of Oil and Gas fields from exploration through decommissioning
  • To understand how oil and gas wells are drilled and completed and the associated equipment used
  • To recognize the types of offshore production facilities and structures and understand the associated terminology
  • To identify the common types of fixed and floating offshore structures
  • To recognize many of the key technical and non-technical stakeholder issues involved in the process from explore through decommission
  • To appreciate the basic process involved in the topsides design and operation
  • To be conversant with the common offshore terminology and acronyms
  • To understand the pipeline and shuttle tanker methods of oil transport
  • To develop an understanding of, and appreciation for the marine equipment used in the construction of wells and facilities
  • To understand basic issues in life cycle and decommissioning decisions
  • To appreciate the continuing advances being made in the technology of offshore, and how it might affect business decisions of the future

Target Audience

Business professionals, technicians, analysts and other non technical staff that is involved or is transitioning from other areas to be involved with the selection, planning, design, construction and operation of offshore oil and gas facilities. It will provide these individuals a basic understanding of offshore exploration and production work processes and systems.

Production Operations Outline

Setting the Stage History and Recent Activities

Five Phases-Explore through Decommission

Exploring in Deepwater

Drilling and Completing Wells

Field Development Options and Systems

Marine Construction Equipment

Fixed Structures

Floating Production Systems 

Subsea systems

Production Facilities (Topsides)

Pipelines, Flow lines and Risers

Life Cycle and Decommissioning

Future Systems 


Ref Location From To Cost
PO-01 Cairo 7-1-2024 11-1-2024 4500 USD
PO01 Istanbul 7-1-2024 11-1-2024 4000 USD