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Drilling & Well Construction

Drilling Fluids Technology


The course is Participants engineers and field personnel involved in the planning and implementation of drilling programs. The seminar covers all aspects of drilling fluids technology, emphasizing both theory and practical application. Hands-on laboratory exercises are included in the five-day Houston sessions. Drilling is a complex operation requiring the marriage of different technologies and disciplines. Today’s drilling personnel must have a working knowledge of drilling fluid in order to effectively drill a well. The course provides the fundamentals necessary to drill a well, whether it is a shallow well or a complex, high pressure well. 


By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Use clay and polymers to achieve desired mud properties
  • Apply water chemistry to the treatment of drilling fluids
  • Perform complete API water-based mud and non-aqueous drilling fluids tests
  • Evaluate the information on an API water-based and non-aqueous drilling fluid report
  • Identify drilling fluid contaminants and prescribe corrective treatments
  • Select water phase salinity and activity for borehole stability
  • Select non-aqueous fluids to meet drilling requirements and environmental concerns
  • Manage non-aqueous drilling fluid systems

Target Audience
  • Drilling supervisors
  • Drilling engineers
  • Tool pushers
  • Managers and
  • Technical support personnel involved with drilling operations

Drilling & Well Construction Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Composition and properties of water-based drilling fluids
  • Analysis of API water-base mud and non-aqueous drilling fluid report
  • Identification and treatment of drilling fluid contaminants
  • Composition and properties of water-based and non-aqueous drilling fluid systems
  • Selection of water phase salinity for borehole stability
  • Adjustment of non-aqueous drilling fluid properties
  • Managing invert emulsion fluid systems: rig preparation and displacement
  • Non-aqueous drilling fluids Participants environmental compliance


Ref Location From To Cost
DW05 Cairo 24-1-2024 28-1-2024