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Human Resources & Training

Managing Manpower Requirements


Manpower planning has taken on a new dynamic role and is rapidly growing into a key business activity in international business. In this course, you will gain sufficient knowledge and practice that you will be able to put into practice what you have learned – immediately after the Course. Items covered include.

  • How to predict and value future trends
  • Be able to use three different approaches to succession planning
  • Be able to do business mapping and BPR
  • Understand and be able to implement the new dynamic manpower system


By the end of this course participants will;

  • Use a strategic model for manpower planning
  • Master and be able to use methods to explore predictive trends
  • Be able to convert predictive data into a dollar value
  • Re-energize interviewing and appraisal systems
  • Be aware of organizational measurement tools and those that can be applied to individuals
  • Master Business Process re Engineering and business process mapping

Target Audience

Manpower planning managers and supervisors, HR. personnel, those responsible for forwarding planning, Succession planners and Emergency planners

Anyone who is specifically interested in maximizing the Human Resource, especially Professionals who are seeking to improve efficiency in manpower planning, as well as those who are interested in succession planning and improving processes through BPR, and those responsible for getting the manpower numbers right

Human Resources & Training Outline

The course covers the following topics:

The new dynamic role of manpower organization

  • About the Courses and Course Outcomes
  • New HR model and future structure
  • The growing business importance of manpower planning (HRP)
  • The changing shape of organizations and work requirement - the effect on today’s organization - video and exercise
  • Trends - downsizing versus right sizing: what’s appropriate - use of teams - video
  • The three main areas of manpower planning - Strategic focus, Data and analysis, succession planning and development
  • Review

The strategic focus of manpower

  • How to use a strategic template - exercise, case study - video Land Rover
  • Measuring organizational maturity - a trigger for manpower activity - questionnaire and video
  • Converting strategy into workable plans and the use of BAPS Business action plans - exercise - video -what no plan-
  • Techniques for delivering on time and on budget

Manpower, forecasting and trend analysis (Area 2)

  • Understanding trends
  • How to measure relationships and understand results
  • The need for using unit costs
  • Individual measurements, exactly how competencies are structured and measured performance and EQ

Manpower supply - succession planning and business process re-engineering

  • The -right- principal for manpower supply
  • The three approaches to succession planning
  • The use of pre-selection for key posts - the role of testing, assessment centers, agreements, and visual development maps
  • About the Course to Business process re-engineering - video Michael Hammer

Business process re-engineering in action

  • How to produce business process maps -exercise
  • The creativity needed for BPR - NASSA video clip
  • Making process improvements -exercise
  • Presenting added value results
  • Course review
  • Presentation of certificates and CPE points


Ref Location From To Cost
HRT07 Cairo 12-4-2024 16-4-2024