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Health & Safety

Applied Environment


This course is about practicing and applying environmental tools, techniques, and management for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. A rich variety of exercises, readings, videos, and case studies are used to practice the application of learning in realistic situations.

This is a core course for persons with a potential operational impact on the environment. It may be taken either independently or in conjunction with the Applied HSE Management, Health, and Safety courses.


By the end of this course participants will learn how to

  • Understand environmental aspects and impacts resulting from company activities and the related requirements
  • Recognize events and company activities that are subject to environmental protection standards
  • Become familiar with environmental permit application process.
  • Be aware of data required by the permit process
  • Understand the importance of cordial interaction with agency personnel
  • Go into greater detail on basic models and general limitations, uses and interpretation
  • Be familiar with emissions and emission control techniques systems.
  • Recognize disposal or treatment alternatives
  • Understand control measures and prevention
  • Recognize environmental data validation and analyses
  • Understand sampling protocols, monitoring tools used and calibration
  • Understand spill response techniques and equipment
  • Evaluate a spill
  • Distinguish between spill investigations and corrective actions.
  • Outline the key elements of an investigation of contamination
  • Understand sampling protocol for contamination
  • Do a basic conceptual contamination extent model
  • Be familiar with basic alternatives in environmental risk-based decision making 

Target Audience

The course is designed for HSE professionals, Operations, Engineers, Supervisors, Project Managers, and all staff who have the responsibility for implementing, executing or supporting environmental techniques and management in their respective positions.

Health & Safety Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Environmental Risk Management and Assessment and Environmental Management Systems Overview
  • Permitting for air, water, and waste
  • Modeling for air, water, and waste
  • Emission Limits and Control for air, water, and waste
  • Spill Response and Site Assessment, Management, and Remediation for water and land


Ref Location From To Cost
HSE16 Cairo 22-11-2024 26-11-2024