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Drilling & Well Construction

Drill String Design and Optimization


We have been presenting Drill String Design workshops for over 12 years for all types of operations around the world. We are constantly updating our materials to reflect the latest technology applications for both near-vertical and high-angle well designs while maintaining a thorough grounding in the fundamentals. Workshop content is often customized to address customer-specific operational situations and software applications. Where feasible, a field trip is included to provide a practical, hands-on opportunity.


By the end of this course participants will learn how to:

  • Place the drill string design process in context with other planning and operational considerations
  • Refresh underlying physics of drill string failures and mechanical properties of drill string materials
  • Clarify performance properties of drill string components and how to apply design margins
  • Gain specific application experience analyzing common load cases for both near-vertical and high-angle situations: Tension loads, Torque loads, Combined tension-torque loads, Fatigue loads, Buckling loads
  • Understand the basis for industry software design tools, including torque and drag, casing wear, and hydraulics
  • Where available, perform parameter studies with the latest software tools to optimize tool selection related to both mechanical and hydraulic design criteria
  • Identify drilling tools and operational practices to reduce both torque and drag and casing wear
  • Diagnose and mitigate vibration to reduce drill string damage and failure
  • Optimize your drill string inspection program using the latest industry standards
  • Gain insight into emerging drill string technologies and the possible benefits to your operations

Target Audience
  • Drilling operator
  • Drilling contractor
  • Service company engineers,
  • Drilling supervisors and superintendents 

Drilling & Well Construction Outline

The course covers the following topics:

  • Drill String and BHA Failure Prevention
  • Low-Angle Design Applications
  • High-Angle Design Applications
  • Torque, Drag, and Casing Wear Mitigation
  • Vibration Monitoring and Avoidance
  • Drill String Handling and Inspection


Ref Location From To Cost
DW11 Kuwait 11-10-2020 15-10-2020