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Human Resources & Training

Business Strategy for HR Leaders


If you want to take the lead in Human resources, be up to date with your knowledge - this dynamic new world-class Course will interest you. It’s about taking the HR function to an essential strategic level, using the new strategic model developed in 2008 that will help to make a significant organizational difference.

This strategic approach can have a powerful influence on the organization as the HR professional has a very important role to play - but only at the strategic level - this Course will give you the essential skill and knowledge to make the difference, and fully utilize the human resource. Competencies emphasized will include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business efficiency
  • Upgraded HR thinking skills
  • Measurement of data
  • Forward planning
  • Strategic critical thinking
  • Creating Business plans
  • ROI and added value creation

The impact on both the business and person attending this course will be very significant as the Course focuses on what’s new and effective and significantly - the benefits.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understanding and developing HR Strategy - what strategic tools should be used - collecting information useful to the organization
  • Use of the new and advanced strategic model - developed 2008 (delegates will get a color copy of this model for use back at work)
  • Understanding and implementing HR Strategy Using Strategic action plan to be able to translate strategy into action
  • Understand how to transform HR from a cost to and added value activity
  • Be able to measure HR return on Investment
  • Managing and developing corporate culture and leadership skills
  • Using predictive skills for future trend analysis and long-distance planning
  • Understand how to organize the workforce for the 21st century

Target Audience
  • HR personnel who need to focus on providing the full range of new HR skills
  • Senior personnel and those building a career who wish to fully understand the new HR direction and purpose

Human Resources & Training Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Strategy and HR

  • Level four HR - About the Course to the concept and plotting current position
  • The need for strategy - the l strategic model - outline
  • New thinking - the role of creativity in a changing business world paradigm shifts
  • Sysco approach to HR strategy
  • The new model for HR strategic formation 2008 - specialist handout
  • New activities in the 21st century HR function - group exercise

How to translate strategy into business action plans

  • From strategy into planning
  • How to use strategic action plans to get results
  • Tools to make the strategy work - no plan
  • How to make time for strategy
  • The new shape and role of tomorrows HR - already in use in two major companies in the Middle East

Re-designing people to get a strategic advantage

  • The new method of working – the 21st-century model - employment trends - a global view
  • Measuring what’s needed in the organization
  • The creation of the dynamic leader - the transition from manager to leader
  • How to measure leadership style - questionnaire
  • Creating empowered teams
  • The new ratios of management and supervision to employees

Key skills needed to produce strategic predictive trends

  • Predictive manpower planning, the new direction of HR
  • What existing data produces trends? Exercise
  • How to produce predictive information - practical examples - specialist handout
  • Helping the business by transforming existing data into management knowledge
  • Locking predictive trends into succession planning

How to evaluate and calculate the added value from HR

  • The concept - HR as a profit center - a copy of the International
  • Use of the seven-step model to measure ROI on HR activities
  • The role of corporate culture from design to measurement
  • Making the case HR from a cost center to a profit center


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