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H2S Awareness and SCBA Donning and Doffing - Train the Trainer

Course Description

This course examines various approaches to deliver H2S awareness training. A focus on H2S prosperities, hazards, effects of exposure, personal protective equipment, first aid measures and emergency procedures would be discussed. Practical application of planning, organizing and delivering a mock session on H2S topic would be also carried out by participants and assessed by their assessor to verify competence


The purpose of this 5-day course is to provide participants with required knowledge and skills to enable them to deliver H2S awareness  and SCBA Donning and Doffing sessions. Participants should have previous relevant health and safety experience that would fit into the course and assist them in their delivery.

Course Objective

By the end of this training program, participants would be able to

  • Know and understand H2S hazards, Characteristics & methods of protection/prevention & mitigation
  • Identify sources of H2S and areas of potential exposure
  • Identify typical site-specific safe work practices associated with H2S operations
  • Know what precautions to take when there is a possibility of H2S release
  • Know of detection methods for H2S
  • Understand rescue techniques and first aid procedures for victims of H2S exposure
  • Know emergency response to a Gas release
  • Understand actions to take on H2S alarm activation
  • Set SMART objectives to deliver an H2S awareness course
  • Set a training plan and create course materials accordingly
  • Employ body language and use different training tools to maintain attention and keep learners interested
  • Assess the learning outcomes of the H2S awareness course
  • Deliver H2S awareness training session
  • Evaluate own delivery of an H2S awareness course
  • Assess the learning process
  • Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to plan and deliver an H2S training session with confidence

Target Audience
  • HSE Specialists
  • Senior Safety Engineers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Senior Safety Officers

Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics

  • Common Terms
  • Sources of H2S
  • H2S Prosperities
  • Work Procedures
  • Dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • H2S Effects of Exposure
  • Signs and Symptoms of H2S Exposure Associated with Acute Toxicity
  • Signs and Symptoms of H2S Exposure Associated with Chronic Toxicity
  • Variables Affecting the Symptomatology of H2S Exposure
  • Where Toxic & Flammable Atmospheres may exist
  • H2S Hazard Control
  • Precautions to take when there is a possibility of H2S release?
  • Rescue and First Aid
  • Actions to take on H2S alarm activation
  • Fixed and portable H2S Gas Detectors
  • Training Session Ice Breakers and Ground Rules
  • The Training Cycle
  • Learners individual differences
  • Motivating learners
  • Setting a training plan
  • Designing resources
  • The characteristics of a good trainer
  • Delivering Training
  • Delivering a mini session
  • Assessing the learning
  • Giving Feedback
  • Training Evaluation
  • Delivering a mock training session


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