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    A State of the Art Trainning Solutions.
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    Internationally recognized health and safety qualifications.
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    Covering a wide range of disciplines and industries.

Competency Management & Training Services

We provide customized training solutions to meet the specific training needs of companies and individuals. Induction Center gives you the opportunity to design your own training program.

Customised Training Programs:

We provide training programs to meet the specific training needs of companies and individuals where we give the chance to design their own course selecting a specific topic and we customize the program according to tham. We also give a chance to select the date, and the location where training will be held.

The Training courses are deeply technical, interactive, and facilitated by industry experts with hands-on field experience as we engage a number of companies in certifying the quality and relevance of all the courses we conduct. This keeps course materials current, relevant, and industry approved.

External Training:

We have the facility to conduct any of our public training seminars and customized training in most attractive sites in over 20 different countries including Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, Morocco, Lebanon, France, and Italy.


We are happy to offer the following complimentary services to all of our external training candidates:


- Limousines airport transfer on arrival for all delegates

  from airport to course location and from residency to course location as well

- Help and assistance with accommodation arrangements with various hotels and apartments

- Sightseeing tour to familiarize delegates with famous attractions if requested

- Light refreshment and buffet lunch are available during all Induction events.

- Business Centre and Messaging Service

- our staff will gladly take messages, send/receive faxes, e-mails and overnight mail.

- Broadband Internet access

- CD versions of the course material

- Assistance with the travel arrangements

- Reconfirmation of airline tickets, information on airlines, trains, buses and taxies

- Car hire as well as trips and visits where the course is taking place.


Induction Center is accredited by a number of internationally recognized awarding bodies such as the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Our wide range of accredited training programs include but are not limited to the following:

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